Application (Re)Engineering: Building Web-Based Applications and Dealing With Legacies

by Amjad Umar


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Availability: This title usually ships within 24 hours. Hardcover - 608 pages (June 1997);      Prentice Hall Press; ISBN: 0137500351; Dimensions (in inches): 1.16 x 9.56 x 7.28; Sales Rank: 24,684


      The publisher, Prentice-Hall ECS Professional
      Three technologies are converging to dramatically change the nature of application development: client/server, object-orientation, and the Internet. This book is a complete guide to successfully integrating all of these technologies in your new enterprise applications.

      Expert consultant and project manager Dr. Amjad Umar shows how to establish data architectures, application architectures, and frameworks that enable successful Web-based software development. He presents a detailed methodology for using middleware to engineer applications -- or reengineer existing ones. He also offers a systematic approach to cope with legacy systems -- including legacy data access, data warehousing, and application migration/transition strategies.

      For each major issue confront developers, Umar considers the state of today's marketplace, as well as trends that will powerfully impact development projects in the near future. The book contains extensive guidelines, implementation examples, and case studies, using a wide range of technologies, including: CORBA, ActiveX, PowerBuilder, Encina, CGI and other Web gateways.

      The book includes short tutorials on object-oriented concepts, distributed objects, the World Wide Web, and client server middleware. Each chapter is written as a self-contained tutorial -- making the book a valuable resource not only for IT professionals, but also for trainers, teachers, and advanced students.

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