Cybercorp : The New Business Revolution

by James Martin


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      Cyberculture Editor's Recommended Book
      According to James Martin, for a corporation to survive tomorrow it will have to do more than simply use cyber technology--it must incorporate "cyber" as part of its very being, making the computerized information lines the very nervous system of the corporate organism. Martin describes his ideas in a breathlessly paced, punchy book where one idea follows another in machine-gun fashion. With each chapter broken into bite-sized, thought-provoking segments, it's a perfect book for busy people--every five-minute reading break will give you new ideas to consider.
      Pulitzer Prize-winning author James Martin both warns and inspires businesspeople worldwide in Cybercorp: The New Business Revolution. A cybercorp is a corporation that is designed for fast change; that can learn, evolve, and transform rapidly; and that can use cyberspace to its advantage. Martin believes we have entered the early stages of a total corporate revolution, which will require us to think in completely new ways. As superhighways and software become more powerful, corporate structures will need to be reinvented. Martin uses examples from real-life global organizations that are designed to succeed. Cybercorp assembles the structural changes that have proven to work best.You'll learn how to use cybermarketing to find new prospects; what virtual operations are and how they are reinventing their relationships to better respond to the changes in the marketplace; what the Internet and internal computer networks can do and how the best companies are using them today; how small companies are pooling their resources to capture the business of larger organizations; and how companies are reinventing themselves into a collection of value streams that deliver measurable and impressive results. Using a lifetime of research, experience, and thinking, Martin paints a picture of what future corporations could be like.

      A thought-provoking, clear-headed book about the future of the corporation, Cybercorp argues that corporate survivors will be those that harness the power of the cyberspace revolution and network-centric computing. The book shows readers how to prepare today for what's coming tomorrow and is filled with insightful examples of companies that possess the characteristics required to conquer the challenges ahead. 

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