Virtual Hr: Human Resources Management in the Information Age

by John W. Jones


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Availability: This title usually ships within 24 hours. Paperback - 192 pages (April 1998); Crisp Pubns; ISBN: 1560524731; Dimensions (in inches): 0.45 x 9.23 x 7.47; Sales Rank: 56,926; Avg. Customer Review:*****; Number of Reviews: 2


      The author, John W. Jones, Ph.D. , February 4, 1998
      HR professionals must embrace the Virtual HR revolution! This business text was written for HR professionals and enlightened managers who want to fully compete in the digital age. In brief, this book shows traditional HR professionals how to become techno-strategic superstars. Read and enjoy! (Greg Farrell) from Arlington, Virginia,  September 1, 1998
      Well written, future-looking book about HR management.
      Review of Dr. John Jones' book: Virtual HR: Human Resource Management in the Information Age.

      This is a well-written, future-looking book about the leading technology drivers that are revolutionizing human resource management programs in both government and private-sector organizations. The author does a good job by defining "Virtual HR," discussing key platforms and applications that are reshaping the human resource landscape. Human resource professionals, consultants and managers that want to be successful in the 21st Century should make sure they read the insightful thoughts contained in this book.

      Importantly, a good amount of time is spent providing information on how to get the most out of every single employee. Examples of Internet-based training, self-development, and state-of-the-art assessment technology are provided to the reader. New human resource techniques such as "touch-screen" kiosks, web-based training and assessment, computer scoring and reporting of personal portfolios are discussed. The author provides new innovative information on other HR subjects such as: contemporary recruitment, pre-employment assessment technologies, leadership development, 21st Century management skills, continuous learning, enhancing project management skills, and competency-based assessment systems that can be implemented to improve organizational performance. In summary, "Virtual HR" by Dr. John Jones is a must read for HR managers and executives who want to improve their human resource management programs, competitiveness and long-term viability. Excellent book!

      by Greg Farrell ( Director, Washington Sales
      National Computer Systems Arlington, VA

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