The 21st Century Intranet

by Jennifer Stone Gonzalez


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Availability: This title usually ships within 24 hours. Paperback - 350 pages Bk&Cd-Rom edition (January 1998); Prentice Hall Computer Books; ISBN: 0138423377; Dimensions (in inches): 1.46 x 9.20 x 6.98; Sales Rank: 2,001; Avg. Customer Review:*****; Number of Reviews: 1


      Internet Books Editor's Recommended Book
      Jennifer Stone Gonzalez sees intranets as more than mere enhancements of corporate communications; she sees them as exciting tools for revitalizing the corporate environment and the people who work there. The 21st Century Intranet is written for people who want to champion the   development on intranets within their organization and who want to ensure that the systems developed add value to the organization and excitement to the workplace.

      The thrust of the book is on enhancing communication, starting with persuading upper management to implement intranets wisely and support them appropriately. Although Gonzalez discusses the fundamentals of intranet design and management, she does not refer to them for technical matters but for issues of how organizations communicate and learn. She devotes considerable space to determining which features are most valuable on an intranet, getting senior management involved, coordinating the sites of diverse groups, and encouraging employees to use the intranet as their primary communication tool within the organization--including allaying fears that may arise from the organizational change an intranet may represent.

      Gonzalez also addresses the professional development of those who manage intranets. She discusses concerns such as how to determine the real success of your intranet development efforts, how to make the success apparent to senior management, and how to develop intranet creation and management as a career opportunity.

      Book Description
      Intranets are every bit as important as the hypesters say, but they are a lot more difficult to implement. Now, top consultant Jennifer Stone Gonzalez has written the book on maximizing the business impact of your intranet.With profound insight into the cultural, business and technical issues involved, she demonstrates how to:

      - Chose among four divergent models of intranet design
      - Align web technology with your business goals
      - Build intranets that strengthen your company as a community.

      Packaged with a CD-ROM which includes state-of-the-art intranet demos from Durand Communications, IntraNetics, Netscape Communication Corporation and RadNet WebShare.

      A practical, no-nonsense roadmap for people who want to champion Intranet development within their organizations, this book works from the premise that a successful Intranet is one that becomes essential to the way a company does business. The CD-ROM contains a demo version of Wisdom Link's Intranet-based groupware application and a collection of worksheets, templates, and project management flowcharts.

      From the Publisher
      Unanimous praise for The 21st Century Intranet

      "Don't even think about creating an Intranet without reading this book. Buy several copies -- you'll want to pass it around, and others will want to borrow it." --Howard Rheingold, Author, Virtual Communities and Virtual Realities; Founder, Electric Minds

      Intranet deployment. This is a lively and pragmatic road map full of examples on how to (and how not to) build and manage these machines of the knowledge economy. In spite of the dramatic potential benefits of Intranet computing, to date there have been more Intranet failures than successes, as too many have underestimated the challenges of Intranet deployment. Gonzalez provides an approach which is both holistic and pragmatic, outlining the not only the technical but also the human and behavioral issues that must be addressed to harness the remarkable power of Intranet computing. This book is required reading for any "Intranet champion" who not only wants to make sense of the recent dramatic changes in technology, but also wants to capitalize on them. --Malcolm Frank, Vice President, Cambridge Technology Partners

      "The 21st Century Intranet is chocked full of pragmatic advice for successfully designing and implementing your company's Intranet. A must read." --Dick Baumbusch, President, the Knowledge Advantage Group

      "An indispensible guide for getting the most from technology investments. Jennifer Stone Gonzalez demystifies the confusion for the technologist and business manager alike." --Maynard Webb, VP & CIO, Bay Networks

      "Dr. Gonzalez has added a valuable contribution to our understanding of a critical new business communications technology. In particular, she adds depth to the analysis of the critical interplay between Intranet deployment and corporate culture and communications which will outlive rapidly   evolving technologies." --Kevin Han, Chief Information Architect, Just in Time Solutions, Inc.

      "Jennifer Stone Gonzalez has created an outstanding analysis of the benefits and challenges of developing Intranets. The 21st Century Intranet reveals a deep understanding of the cultural and organizational issues underlying the Intranet phenomenon and should be required reading for developers, consultants, and managers alike. As someone who lives and breathes corporate Intranet development on a daily basis, I find that The 21st Century Intranet transcends the trivia of speeds and feeds and instead delivers a higher vision of the value Intranets can bring to any organization." --Richard S. Gaston, Jr., Business Development Manager, Sage Solutions, Inc.

      "This book is a must read. Gonzalez provides the corporate world with a much needed practical view of the world of corporate Intranets. I loved the nuts and bolts lists, presentations and how to's. A perfect resource for any organization moving into the exciting world of intranets." --Elliott Masie,
      President, The MASIE Center, Author of TechLearn Trends

      "Spectacular! With clarity, insight, and a sense of history, Jennifer Stone Gonzalez has written the guide to intranets. If you're online, you need this book." --Jessica Lipnack and Jeffrey Stamps, The Networking Institute, Inc.; Authors of Virtual Teams

      "Gonzalez' book is a very useful guide for technological change agents. It's practical, well-researched, and filled with stories about real-life implementation experiences." --Mary E. Boone, President, Boone Associates; Author, Leadership and the Computer

      "A key learning from this book is to balance people and technology during Intranet development. I enjoyed the "cultural" and ethnographic stories in this book which convey a powerful message to all Intranet developers "build the tool, but to be real cool, add folk to the pool." The 21st Intranet extends beyond a promise of easy publishing, flash graphics and interactive scripts to the core values of knowledge creation, innovation through idea recombination, trust and community." --Denham Grey, President, GreyMatter Inc.

      "Jennifer Stone Gonzalez has written the definitive handbook for IT professionals pondering the bewildering array of technologies relentlessly coming down the pike. The good news is that you don't have to replace your computer systems. It's about alignment, not replacement." --Alan Chamberlain, Strategic Planning Analyst, Bay Networks

      "This book is clearly for leaders, key decision makers and strategic planners. Jennifer Stone Gonzalez has taken the mysticism of the Internet and made it practical for the layperson and daily business use. I suggest it for all leaders who want their organizations to be vital and competitive in the knowledge economy. More than likely your customers and competitors have a copy". --Charles L. Fred, President, International Learning Systems

      "The 21st Century Intranet is a powerful guide for the worker of the future. This book will help us all understand and adapt to the profound realities of intranet communication. Don't be left behind in the world of the past--read this book and move into the future." --Bruce Tulgan, President, Rainmaker, Inc.; Author, Managing Generation X

      "Wonderful! A much-needed book that not only offers practical insights into intranet development, but reminds us of the reasons we want them in the first place: to leverage the abundant wealth of human intelligence, creativity, and knowledge within our organizations. A 'must-read.'" --Janet Logothetti, Prinicipal, Terra Firma Design


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