About G.E. Tucker, Ph.D.

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Experience and achievements

Over 25 years experience as a business executive, project manager, software developer, electrical engineer, technical writer, technical editor, and technical publisher. Founder and director of two successful companies.

Activities have included: marketing research, product positioning, and product development for a technology company; content development, author acquisition and relations, marketing, and sales for a publishing company; software design, development and testing; software localization for product import and export; scientific instrument design and development; product documentation for software and hardware companies. 


B.A. (Boston University), M.A. (New School for Social Research), Ph.D. (University of Louvain, Belgium) in philosophy; Certificate in Software Engineering (Northeastern University); M.S. in Applied Physics (University of Massachusetts).

Professional Technical Certifications

Sun® Certified JavaTM Programmer; Certified Lotus® Professional, Notes Principal Application Developer; Certified Lotus Professional, Notes System Administrator; IBM® Certified Solutions Expert, Net.Commerce; IBM Certified Solutions Expert, Business Intelligence; Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE); Certified Internet Webmaster (NetGuru Technologies®).

International experience

14 years residence in Europe (France, Germany, Austria, Belgium), and extensive travel throughout Europe. Fluency in French and German. 

Professional association memberships

Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), American Physical Society, American Astronomical Society 

Contact information

Boston Engineering Services, G. E. Tucker, Ph.D., President
(800) 739-2904 (voice); (781) 240-5615 (FAX)
email: gtucker@bostoneng.com

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