Managing '00: Surviving the Year 2000 Computing Crisis

by Peter De Jager, Richard Bergeon (Contributor)


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Availability: This title usually ships within 24 hours. Paperback - 224 pages (June 1997); John Wiley & Sons; ISBN: 047117937X; Dimensions (in inches): 0.62 x 9.25 x 7.52; Sales Rank: 9,150; Avg. Customer Review:*****; Number of Reviews: 2

      A snappy, friendly book, Managing 00: Surviving the Year 2000 Computing Crisis recommends that you become an action hero and galvanize the year 2000 efforts at your firm. The authors caution against codependency with your vendors and suggest forming "tiger teams" to make date changes and "flying squads" to address breakdowns. The book devotes forty pages to describing a variety of year 2000 tools, including cost estimators, relationship mappers, workflow managers, and parsers.

      The author, Richard Bergeon , June 9, 1997
      The Year 2000 Crisis is for Real
      As a 30+ year technical professional and manager for several major US firms, I can assure the reader that they will find the year 2000 crisis is all too real. I've worked on several year 2000 contracts with major US and Canadian firms so I've seen the problems first hand.

      Consider the following if you think the problem is a small one. The most sought after DP personnel today are those with year 2000 experience. Thirty percent salary increases are not uncommon and some programmers are now making over $100,000. In recent weeks million dollar plus contracts have been announced by both private and public concerns. Many companies are putting 50 or more employees and/or contractors on the project. Some are already choosing which applications to let fail because they simply don't have the time to fix them all.

      While the disaster scenario makes good press it does not help solve the problem. This book was designed to help those who know they have a problem and want to know what to do about it.

      The publisher, Wiley Computer Publishing , June 4, 1997
      Consider this a wake-up call! Time is running out. If you haven't begun to fix your Year 2000 problem yet, you are playing catch-up. Thousands of companies have already awakened from their denial and started on the path to a solution.

      The bad news is we have a universal computing emergency that needs to be addressed now. January 1, 2000 is a deadline that cannot be extended and is utterly unforgiving.

      The good news is that there is something you can do about it. The technical know-how exists and all of the tools are available to you today. In fact, you're holding one of the most important tools in your hand right now.

      Written by the original prophet of the Year 2000 crisis and the editor of the premier Year 2000 bulletin. The Millennium Journal, this book explains exactly what the problem is, why it's so complex, and what the implications are to the organization. Peter de Jager and Richard Bergeon help you develop a leadership strategy to prepare and protect yourself from the far-reaching ramifications of "00". Espousing the view that the solution is much more of a management challenge than a technical one, this valuable guide thoroughly covers important cost-control issues and gives you practical ways to set up efficient solutions.

      Managing 00 will convince you that a major problem exists that could adversely affect your business. It will also give you the insights and practical advice you'll need to start doing something about it right away.

      Contents: Introduction: Houston, We Have A Problem; Ground Double-Zero; Behind Every Great Machine; Avoiding Future Shock; Ready to Run; Managing the Fix; Power to the People; A Date with Destiny; Taking a Tool Inventory; 2000: A Tool Odyssey; Won't You Please, Please Help Me; Epiologue; Index.

      About the Authors: Peter de Jager is the leading spokesperson for the Year 2000 problem, appearing at an average of two conferences per month. He also appears regularly on TV and radio programs, and hosts the Year 2000 Web site <>. Richard Bergeon is the Vice President of  Technology Services for Data Dimensions, acknowledged leaders in Year 2000 planning and applications. He edits the Millennium Journal, an enterprise bulletin with a circulation of over 13,000 database and IS managers.  

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