Lotus Domino Intranet Starter Pack 2.0 Cookbook for IBM Netfinity Servers and PC Servers

by Rufus Credle, Paul Branch, Kevin D'Costa


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Availability: This title usually ships within 24 hours. Library Binding - 256 pages (June 1, 1998); IBM-ITSO; ISBN: 0738400009; Amazon.com Sales Rank: 421,258


      Book Description
      This IBM Redbook describes the procedure necessary to implement the Lotus Domino Intranet Starter Pack 2.0 on the latest high-powered platforms. IBM Redbooks are expert "how to" guides written by an international team of IBMers who have spent years supporting customers and their IT needs. The books are filled with their hands-on experiences in developing, implementing and integrating IT solutions. You'll read about the challenges they faced, tips they uncovered, and innovative solutions they developed for a wide variety of technologies. IBM Redbooks are produced by the IBM International Technical Support Organization (ITSO).

      The author, Rufus Credle rpcredl@us.ibm.com , July 22, 1998
      A great e-business solution for small-to-medium businesses Paul Branch, Kevin D'Costa and I found the development of the DISP 2.0    Cookbook for IBM Netfinity and PC Servers, a great experience in developing a very quick business solution for communicating with customers and suppliers and making available our products and services over an Intranet and the Internet. In a matter of hours, your business can provide the following services: Relationship management, Office automation, Information sharing and project collaboration, Public Web site, Internet e-mail, Remote Administration, Fax Server and Security.

      A great solution for getting your business off to a fast start.

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