Electric Utilities and Y2k

by Rick Cowles, Pam Hystad (Editor)

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      The author, Rick Cowles , May 10, 1998
      On January 1, 2000, will the lights go out??

      I'm not going to splash a lot of "BUY THIS BOOK" words in here. If you've visited website, you know there's a problem. But maybe you haven't been able to convince the executives in your electric company. Heck, many of them don't know how to turn on a computer, much less surf the web. Maybe your friends, family, and neighbors think you're a nutcase when you raise the subject of the lights going out because of a silly computer problem. Those are the people who really need "Electric Utilities and Y2k".

      "Electric Utilities and Y2k" is an expanded book version of the euy2k.com website. This is an easy-to-read, complete guide for understanding the depth of the Y2k problem in the electric utility industry. The book is packed with contributions from industry insiders and Y2k experts alike, and is the perfect desktop companion to the website.

      "Electric Utilities and Y2k" offers expanded coverage, not available on the website, of Y2k issues and strategies for the electric industry, and personal preparedness tips for the individual. END


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