Change at Work: how American industry and workers are coping with corporate restructuring and what workers must do to take charge of their own careers

by Peter Cappelli (Editor), Laurie Bassi, Harry Katz, David Knoke


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      Change at Work explores the theme that employees have paid the price for the widespread restructuring of American firms as illustrated by reduced security, greater effort and hours, and reduced morale. In this important study - commissioned by the National Planning Association's Committee on New American Realities - the authors consider how individuals and employers need to adapt to the new arrangements as well as the implications for important policy issues such as how skills will be developed where the attachment to firms is sharply reduced. The future is uncertain, but the authors argue that the traditional relationship between employer and employee will continue to erode, making this work essential reading for managers concerned with the profound impact corporate restructuring has had on the lives of workers.


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